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International Association of Bible Schools [IABS] provides three [3] different

Curriculums and other resource materials which can be used for onsite Bible

Schools [Institutes], mainly in developing countries, including Africa; Viz:

  1. MOTMOT I 49 courses, used for Certificate & Diploma
  2. MOTMOT II 13 courses, used for Advanced   Diploma
  3. Word of Faith Modular, used for practical ministry. Sample course content is as ff:
    1. New Creation Realities The Holy Spirit and His gifts
    2. Righteousness series
    3. The Present Day Ministry of Jesus etc.
  4. Foreign Degree Modular from our affiliate University, USA


NB: IABS is ecclesiastical by nature therefore our Certificates, Diplomas & Degrees are meant for use in the Church community only rather than secular work.



International Association of Bible Schools [IABS] came into being as a result of God calling His servant Rev. Dr. George Y. Bonney from his comfort zone, having served for 5 years as the Ghana Director and acting West Africa Director of a similar organization by name [AABS], to champion a paradigm shift and provide three (3) modules and other resource materials and guidance                                                                                                                                                              to Pastors, Bible School Teachers, Churches and Independently operated onsite  Bible Schools  in 3rd world nations.

The materials are meant to be used to train potential leaders for church development, missions and evangelism especially in the hinterland.

Permission was granted by Siloam International Ministry, USA /Eastern Asia to distribute MOTMOT I & II Modules and other materials in developing countries, including mother Africa.

IABS was therefore incorporated as a nonprofit NGO  and was authorized to commerce business by the Ghana Government on …….. February, 2015.

From a humble beginning like Jesus born in a manger, IABS kicked off by faith sharing the same office premises with CYAN PRINTS at kusia street kokomlemle Accra, which is own by Pastor George O. Seweey then a student of RHABI our home school. God being so good some ministers of God from Ghana and Nigeria were led to become affiliates.     

Bishop Mensah Yebuah of Shepherd Ministerial Council, a council that ordains and grants licenses to ministers volunteered to assist Dr. George Bonney, including several others but we are constrained by space to state.



About the Africa Director

Rev Dr. George Y. Bonney is the Africa Director of IABS.  He was the first Ghana   Director and acting West Africa Director of a similar NGO for 5 years.

He holds Ph.D. in Church management, MA.Th, BA. R Ed. from Evangel Christian University and Ashland University, USA respectfully. Dr. Bonney   was once a lecturer at Theological Seminary of Nigeria (TSN), Abuja and guest lecturer of other Bible Schools and a teaching evangelist in churches for many years while resident in Abuja, Nigeria. He came to pastor some branches of The Way of Salvation Church international and at the same time Principal of Soteria Bible School in the Volta region of Ghana before his appointment with AABS. He is a prolific Bible Teacher, Revivalist, Pastor and Author. George believes an unprecedented move of the power of God is about to hit the continent of Africa, which will raise great men and women of God who will take the gospel of Christ across the globe. His vision for IABS is to help Pastors or Church leaders to prepare an army of spirit filled church leaders in Africa and other developing nations. He is currently the Ghana coordinator of International Leadership Training Institute, [ILTI] USA.

Contact:  [email protected]; [email protected]


Bishop Mensah Yebuah is a voluntary assistant to the Africa Director despite his busy schedules. He is operates Shepherd Ministerial Council which ordains and provides ministry licenses and also Shepherd Bible College an affiliate of IABS and two Universities in USA.